An Exciting Start To This Scouting Year!

The 2012/2013 scouting year has only just begun but there has been a lot of activity in these few short months.  This includes a lot of advancement, community service projects, and exciting trips.
Wil M. and family coordinated a bake sale to benefit the Red Cross in their mission to assist those suffering from Hurricane Sandy.  Many members of Troop 52 also assisted in making this fundraiser a big success.
Junior Assistant Scoutmaster Leif T. had the opportunity to present the achievements over the last two months that included 1 new Second Class Scout and 2 new Life Scoutsalong with 12 Merit Badges (5 of which were Eagle Required). 
The troop will be starting to undertake additional Merit Badges in the coming weeks.  Scouts have expressed interest in numerous badges such as American Heritage Merit Badge, Radio, and Cinematography.