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An Exciting Start To This Scouting Year!

The 2012/2013 scouting year has only just begun but there has been a lot of activity in these few short months.  This includes a lot of advancement, community service projects, and exciting trips.
Wil M. and family coordinated a bake sale to benefit the Red Cross in their mission to assist those suffering from Hurricane Sandy.  Many members of Troop 52 also assisted in making this fundraiser a big success.
Junior Assistant Scoutmaster Leif T. had the opportunity to present the achievements over the last two months that included 1 new Second Class Scout and 2 new Life Scoutsalong with 12 Merit Badges (5 of which were Eagle Required). 
The troop will be starting to undertake additional Merit Badges in the coming weeks.  Scouts have expressed interest in numerous badges such as American Heritage Merit Badge, Radio, and Cinematography.

Troop 52 Summer Camp at Camp Squanto:

Troop 52 was represented at Summer Camp by 8 outstanding Scouts who really
shined at camp – 25 Merit Badges were earned and partial requirements
finished for 7 more!!  – This was very productive as 8 completions and 3
partial completions were for Merit Badges that are among those required for
the Eagle Scout rank (typically the more challenging badges); Seven of the
badges required 2 or 3 hours of work each day, so again the results are
impressive as those Scouts had to forego other badges to dedicate the time
for shooting sports, robotics, pioneering and lifesaving. One Scout
completed the impressive Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience (COPE)
program where the Scouts are teambuilding and challenging themselves in a
variety of outdoor activities. This is also a significant time commitment
with half of each day dedicated to the COPE program. Through all these
activities we also had three Scouts advance in rank during their “free” time
and others complete requirements in preparation for their next rank.

Troop 52 shared the Delaware camp site with Troop 108 Medway and Troop 42
Norwood. The Scouts combined into “Troop 2012” and demonstrated teamwork in
leading the group and the variety of camp activities through the week. The
distinctive Troop 2012 Class B shirt is a memorable keepsake. Also making
the week interesting were the silent Scout mannequin and the Scout’s
creation of a custom tailored Troop 2012 flag.

2012 Klondike Derby

Troop 52 will help with Klondike Derby on Sat Feb 4. We’ve offered to manage the First Aid station. This is a timed event for splinting a broken bone and a foot litter carry will likely be assigned to us again this year). This year’s Klondike Derby will be held at Camp Norse in Kingston. Around 30 units are expecting to be participating.

Troop 52 Winter Service Project

This past weekend troop 52 met at Carlson Field tackled a service project aiming to deliver buckets of sand to 17 elderly people. The scouts split into teams divided between filling buckets and calling the people on the list to arrange delivery. By midday it was mission accomplished as six sand buckets delivered to elderly residents of Hingham.

Getting The New Year Rolling With a Bike Trip

Troop 52 Scouts headed to Narragansett Bay earlier this month for a scenic bike trail and camping at Melville Campgrounds. Scouts raced Mother Nature setting up camp during a brief shower but prior to the heavy rains which set in on Friday night and early Saturday morning. Saturday brought nothing but great weather and a fun bike ride. On Saturday night scouts cooked a chicken and rice dinner. While the meal left a little room for improvement, after eating Mr. Thureson’s peach cobbler this was all quickly forgotten. The next morning scouts got back on their bikes and logged a total of 20 miles on the East Bay Rail Trail along Narragansett Bay. Pictures have been posted to the photos section. Have a look!

Happy Campers

This past weekend the scouts successfully backpacked into Bare Cove Park, set camp, practiced scout skills, & backpacked out within (24) hours.  Boys new to the troop now feel more prepared for a higher altitude trip over a longer period of time.  Special thanks to those adults who came along and helped point the boys in the right direction. 

Congratulations are also due to Assistant Scoutmaster – Dennis Blake who is now serving as Troop Quartermaster.

Troop 52 Honors those who served this Veterans Day

As Veteran’s Day quickly approaches the Scouts of Troop 52 ready themselves to take a part in honoring those who have served this country. Scouts will arrive at town hall at 10:30am wearing their full uniforms Scouts will be assisting in handing out programs, and will also present a wreath. There will also be a number of Cub Scouts present from Pack 27 as well. Due to the holiday there will be no official meeting this week so look forward to seeing everyone at the ceremony!

Bicycle Trip Recap & The Carpentry Merit Badge

The scouts returned from their bike trip and successfully logged 30 miles! In the time since the bicycle trip some scouts have set their sights on the Carpentry Merit Badge. Work will begin on this badge the weekend of Thanksgiving. This merit badge is one of the special Boy Scout Centennial merit badges that can only be earned in 2010.

Fall Bicycle trip on Cape Cod

On October 22nd – 24th, Troop 52 is going camping at Nickerson State Park! The scouts will roll out on Friday night with their bicycles and arrive in Brewster, MA at Nickerson State Park for a weekend of scout skills and bike riding on the Cape Cod Rail Trail. Interested scouts should RSVP as soon as possible as a final Headcount of all scouts and adults attending is needed so that we can purchase food and plan meals. A permission slip is available here, and can be turned in Thursday night at the meeting at the Hingham, Rec. Center. The trip cost is $20 per person.

Scouts attending the trip should eat dinner before arriving at the Hingham Rec. Center on Friday at 5pm for departure. Please bring your bike or arrange for it to be picked up. We will arrive at the campsite Friday night then set up camp.