Troop 52 Summer Camp at Camp Squanto:

Troop 52 was represented at Summer Camp by 8 outstanding Scouts who really
shined at camp – 25 Merit Badges were earned and partial requirements
finished for 7 more!!  – This was very productive as 8 completions and 3
partial completions were for Merit Badges that are among those required for
the Eagle Scout rank (typically the more challenging badges); Seven of the
badges required 2 or 3 hours of work each day, so again the results are
impressive as those Scouts had to forego other badges to dedicate the time
for shooting sports, robotics, pioneering and lifesaving. One Scout
completed the impressive Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience (COPE)
program where the Scouts are teambuilding and challenging themselves in a
variety of outdoor activities. This is also a significant time commitment
with half of each day dedicated to the COPE program. Through all these
activities we also had three Scouts advance in rank during their “free” time
and others complete requirements in preparation for their next rank.

Troop 52 shared the Delaware camp site with Troop 108 Medway and Troop 42
Norwood. The Scouts combined into “Troop 2012” and demonstrated teamwork in
leading the group and the variety of camp activities through the week. The
distinctive Troop 2012 Class B shirt is a memorable keepsake. Also making
the week interesting were the silent Scout mannequin and the Scout’s
creation of a custom tailored Troop 2012 flag.